The Extraordinary Journey of Mr. Crinkles

It was an average day when Dakin’s Kitten Street Team got a call about a pregnant cat spotted outdoors. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this call until the team arrived at the site.

Mr. Crinkles wasn’t a pregnant cat at all, but a large male who had already been neutered. A dumpster in the parking lot of an apartment complex was home sweet home for Mr. Crinkles, where he regularly paid visits to a few residents who kindly offered him food and looked after him.

After a heartfelt farewell from his year-long caregivers, Mr. Crinkles was on his way to Dakin. Getting him into a transport carrier took a little convincing, but what we discovered next was unbelievable.

Mr. Crinkles had a microchip that traced all the way back to a brief stay at Dakin when he was a three-month-old kitten, almost THIRTEEN years ago. This is a very uncommon occurrence, but here he was!

It’s hard to say what roads Mr. Crinkles has traveled and the experiences he’s had along the way, but his distinctive look and charming personality very quickly won him an adopter who transported him one last time to the loving home he’s always deserved.

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