The Extra Mile - Lucy's Story

On a particularly cold winter day, Lucy was found outside and alone. The kind person who found her gave her the gift of a warm, safe place to stay. This place became her home for six years.

Lucy has begun a new journey after her finder and guardian sadly passed away. She arrived at Dakin and greeted every human she met with a friendly wiggle and a request to cuddle. It was clear that Lucy had never met a lap she didn't claim.

This sweet and gentle senior is experiencing complex medical issues that allowed her to enter Dakin's P.A.W.S. Program; created to provide extraordinary care for complex cases. Each animal in the P.A.W.S Program is unique and has treatment plans customized to meet their individual needs.

Lucy has received a significant amount of diagnostic testing and treatment for severe dry eye, a painful ear infection, and an allergic skin condition that causes her discomfort. Her road ahead is long and she is also in need of dental surgery. She has found comfort in the home of a caring foster caregiver as she continues treatment under the care of our veterinary team.

Lucy’s story is unique, but not unfamiliar. More than half of the animals that come to Dakin are in need of extensive medical care to set them on the path to adoption. Your support gives Lucy and animals just like her a special gift — comfort and reassurance at the time they need it most. Join Dakin in going the extra mile for animals in need by making a gift in support of the PAWS Program.

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