The Benefits of Appointment-Only Services

by Lee Chambers

Like many organizations, Dakin had to make major changes because of the pandemic.  One significant adjustment – operating by appointment only for programs and services – was found to be very beneficial for animals and people.  Therefore Dakin will continue to operate the Springfield facility using an appointment-based system and without public open viewing/visiting hours.

The foremost reason is the massive benefit to the animals in our care.  They thrive in a quieter shelter.  Having to meet several strangers was severely stressing the animals, and now they’re more relaxed.  The number of 10-day rabies quarantines for accidental bites/scratches has decreased by 18%.  

Since adoptions are scheduled by appointments, pets in foster home settings don’t have to be on-site at Dakin in case someone might come in to see them.  Now they can remain in their comfortable setting until their adoption is finalized.  And that beats being in a cage.

Clients will also have a better experience with this new plan, too.  Drop-in adopters often faced long wait times to speak with staff about a particular animal.  Now we can allow clients to have more focused time with staff when adopting, surrendering or seeking advice.

Many of the conversations that take place at Dakin are sensitive and emotional.  With an appointment-only system in place, our clients have more privacy for difficult discussions about their pet, including admission, domestic violence situations and end-of-life decisions.  We know these are terribly sad and stressful conversations, and we want people to have as much information ahead of time as possible.  The dignity of both our clients and their pets is also important to us.

We’re pleased to see the positive changes for people and animals that have resulted from appointment-only services.  We feel it enhances our efforts to provide everyone with the best possible service.  Please check our website for information about booking an appointment for our services.

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