Transport Dog Gets Special Photoshoot

Peggy is a 3 year old white and tan retriever who arrived at Dakin via transport from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. Unlike most pets that arrive from transports, Peggy was not spayed and was, in fact, quite pregnant.

Given her condition, Peggy went into foster care with Ursula Humphrey and her family. When Ursula began posting photos of Peggy on social media, a conversation began among Dakin staff and volunteers who saw them. “Someone jokingly wrote ‘We need a maternity shoot for her,’ and I got nominated!” laughs Dot Bernard, volunteer Dakin photographer.

“I didn’t know Ursula or Peggy,” Dot continues. “So I sent Ursula a message to introduce myself and propose this photo shoot.” The mid-June date was set, and when Dot arrived at Ursula’s house she knew the setting was perfect.

“She has beautiful grounds and gardens everywhere,” says Dot. “I had an idea of what I wanted to do, which was a beach scene, and Ursula had a table and lounge chairs all set up. We didn’t talk beforehand, I just showed up with my props and we brainstormed on the spot. But Peggy really took it and ran with it from there!”

Dot’s favorite shot was one that had been inspired by another photo she saw while researching canine maternity shoots. It shows Peggy with her front paws up on a table and her head held high. “I said, ‘Peggy, come put your feet up,’ and she knew what to do. She was just perfect. She stretched her nose in the air as if to say ‘Look at my belly!’” Dot also notes that Peggy handled the props like a pro. “She knew how to maneuver her sunglasses to position them on her face, not knock them off,” Dot marvels.

The canine diva had her day and got high marks for her modeling. “She literally could not get enough attention,” Dot says. “She was a star!” Asked if she was now being sought after for other pet maternity shoots, Dot laughs and says it hasn’t happened yet.

One week after her glamour shots were taken, Peggy delivered a litter of seven healthy pups, some of whom may soon be available for adoption. As for Peggy, she’s currently in foster care, happily free of the demands of motherhood, and will be spayed when she has recovered from the birth.

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