Springtime and Vaccinations

When the warm weather hits, lots of people with dogs start spending more time outdoors. It’s fun to let your buddy do some hiking or exploring at your side, but nature can also be the source of problems for pets due to parasites and exposure to any number of viruses or diseases. It’s always a good idea to review your pet’s vaccination status each spring to see what protection they may need to help keep them healthy.

One of the biggest health risks is rabies. In fact, both cats and dogs are required, by Massachusetts law, to be vaccinated against rabies, even if they never set foot outside. Rabies is an illness that infects the central nervous system and is almost always fatal for both animals and people.

Parvovirus targets dogs and is especially dangerous for puppies. When dogs develop this infectious disease, immediate medical attention is needed, as parvo can become fatal if untreated. Because parvo is spread very easily, the parvovirus vaccine is highly recommended for all dogs and is an important part of keeping them healthy.

If your dog or cat needs updated vaccinations, book an appointment at Dakin’s Pet Health Center (PHC), which is open Mondays through Thursdays by appointment only. Here’s a list of the services available for dogs and cats. To book an appointment online, please click here.

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