Springfield Poised to Ban Retail Pet Sales

On April 6, the Springfield City Council unanimously passed a proposed ban on the retail sale of domestic pets. The item will now move to the desk of Domenic Sarno, Springfield’s Mayor.

This ordinance reaches further into the root of the problem regarding the retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits by not only prohibiting selling from pet stores, but also banning sales in parking lots, flea markets, and other outdoor retail spaces.

Under the ordinance, pet stores that partner with shelters and animal rescue organizations in the City of Springfield would be responsible for providing clear information on animals available for adoption to help inform consumers about the original source of the pets. This measure is to ensure that pets are not being sourced from puppy mills, where dogs live in cruel and inhumane conditions. Contrary to the name, puppy mills don’t just affect dogs. Cats, rabbits, and other animals are housed in ethically unacceptable conditions for the purpose of breeding for retail sale. Animals from these mills often suffer from severe medical and/or behavior issues.

Springfield is the ninth municipality in Massachusetts to adopt such an ordinance. Please click here to learn more about existing regulations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding pet stores and the retail sale of domestic pets. The protection and humane treatment of animals begins with us. Together, through continued research and advocacy, we can build a humane, socially conscious community for pets and people to thrive in.

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