Shadow Brings Light to Loving Family

“Shadow came to the shelter with an eye problem.  Maybe she won't see you 100% with her eyes, but she will see you 110% with her heart.”

This was part of the profile information on Dakin’s website about Shadow, a sweet-natured 13-year-old cat with plush grey fur. She came to Dakin last June when her people moved to another home and couldn’t bring her along.  

An exam revealed that Shadow’s right eye had a painful condition, and to spare her discomfort, the eye was removed. Unfortunately, her left eye needed to be removed soon afterward for the same reason. Our gentle friend was already dealing with the loss of her sight when we noticed she was showing symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a common disease that requires daily medication and extra veterinary visits. Shadow remained brave through her ordeal.

Fortunately, Shadow was treated through our Program for Animal Wellness (PAWS). Many animals we receive need special care, and the PAWS program provides treatment in complex cases among shelter animals. Shadow came through her surgeries and treatment, but the question remained: who would be willing to open their home to an elderly kitty, newly blind, with health complications?  

Adoption Center Manager Moon Wymore thought of someone who already had special needs pets and might be interested. She contacted Tricia, who visited Dakin the next day with her 10-year-old son Keenan. Shadow charmed them, and the pair made plans to bring her home.

Tricia talked to Keenan about Shadow’s health and expected lifespan. “I told him that we need to love her for the time she’s here, that she’s got plenty of life to live, so let’s give her the life she wants,” she explained.  “I let him know that you’ve got to do your best for your community, your family.

Shadow has settled nicely. On her first night home, she figured out how to jump up onto Keenan’s bed, which she shares with him. “They’re always cuddled up,” Tricia stated.  “It’s adorable. Keenan reads to her so she knows she isn’t alone.

It takes a lot of compassion to adopt pets with health issues. The payoff? “The amount of love they give me and my family far exceeds anything else,” Tricia said. “They need love and so do we. The contentment they radiate that says ‘This is home’ is all I can ask for.

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