Remembering Twelve

When Kelly adopted Reggie, she took a chance on a senior cat with a complicated past. She was kind enough to share this story with us recently as she warmly reflected on his life with her.


I adopted a cat in November 2015.

His name was Twelve on the website. He was an older male, twelve years old. He had been there for months, was the twelfth cat removed from a hoarder house, and didn't have the chance to get renamed.

I saw his video online, fell in love, and came to see him. I brought him home and he absolutely stole our hearts.

We renamed Twelve. We called him Reggie. He filled our home with his life and light for seven and a half years. That dear sweet boy just passed away on the 4th of July. He had been diagnosed with late-stage kidney disease in March and then had a mass developed in his airway. It made breathing difficult and led to the ultimate decision to compassionately let him go.

He was the most affectionate, attentive, wonderful animal companion. I couldn't have chosen a better friend. Adopting a 12-year-old cat felt like a shaky choice at the time, but every day of the 7.5 years we had with him was wonderful. My home is so empty without this sweet boy.

Thank you for housing and caring for all of the animals that you do. I never would have met him without your due diligence. I hope in time that there are other sweet senior cats in need of a home because I know I'll have space in my heart and my home for someone soon.

Senior pets can provide so much love and make such wonderful companions. Thank you for bringing Reggie into my life, he certainly will never be forgotten.

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