Purina Provides a Feast

by Lee Chambers

We are thrilled and grateful to Purina Fancy Feast for a fantastic donation of over 1,000 pounds of their Fancy Feast Appetizers!  Last month we received these tasty treats and so many of the kitties in our care are benefitting; cats that are in our Jackson Galaxy Cat Pawsitive Pro program, those receiving medical treatment, felines in foster care and finicky kittens in Nick’s Nursery.  It’s a paws-up victory for every one!

Sometimes kitties in a shelter environment may lose their appetite due to stress or depression.  Having high-quality cat food like Fancy Feast Appetizers can work wonders when we’re trying to stimulate their appetite and lift their spirits.

Huge thanks go to our friends at Purina, The Jackson Galaxy Project and GreaterGood.org for supporting us and our efforts to help our feline friends thrive and get on the road to adoption!

Check out this video of our furry friends indulging!

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