Plainfield Chihuahuas Find Bright Futures

Last month, Dakin began working with a person whose Plainfield home had become overrun with animals of many species, including more than 70 dogs. During an initial visit in early March, the woman gave Dakin 13 dogs for rehoming.  

On March 27, Dakin was joined by several local and state organizations at the house to assist in removing the rest of the dogs needing care and rehoming. The resident was a well-intentioned animal lover whose personal struggles clouded her judgment. She had a kennel license and was breeding the dogs for sale, but their population spiraled out of control, and they were sharing the property with over 30 pigs, two cows, chickens, ducks, and guinea hens.

Dakin brought back 30 more of the dogs that day. When added to the previous number rescued from there, the result was a record-breaking 43 dogs taken in from one site. Medically, the dogs were well cared for and ranged in age from newborn to a few years old. Behaviorally, however, many showed anxiety when removed from the only environment they had ever known. The dogs were not socialized to be around strangers, nor were they taken outside, so the bright, noisy world made a number of them fearful. Special adopters with an abundance of patience and experience with scared, small dogs, would be needed. Animal hoarding is a mental health disorder, and Dakin staff members showed compassion by treating the Plainfield woman with care and support. Among the 43 dogs Dakin removed from her home were a few that the woman was especially concerned about. Adoption Center Manager Moon Wymore placed those dogs in her office to provide some refuge from the bustling adoption floor. In the midst of her own hectic schedule, Moon took the time to photograph the dogs, peacefully settled, and sent the images to the woman to comfort her. As Moon stated, “The smallest gesture of kindness can bring some light to a very dark day.”

Word was out that Dakin had the Chihuahuas, and before long, the online sign-up form to adopt the dogs was filled beyond capacity with applicants and needed to be closed. There were way more interested adopters than pets, and Dakin staff reached out to begin the process of match-making.

Just days later, several of the Chihuahuas began making their way into the loving arms of their adoptive families. The jubilant smiles of adopters, staff members, and volunteers were seen everywhere in our building. Now, just shy of a month since the record-breaking intake day, we’re happy to report that all the pups we took in from the Plainfield home are in their new homes, learning about the joys of outside walks, warm breezes, and endless cuddles!

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