Nick's Nursery is Open for Business

by Lee Chambers


We're ready to start saving lives.  Join the fight!

Dakin’s intensive care unit for at-risk kittens has opened for a sixth season at our Springfield location. Our incredible volunteers, overseen by staff, are hard at work cleaning, feeding, soothing, enriching and healing sick kittens five weeks of age and older, and getting them further along the road to adoption. The Nursery typically opens in early summer and stays in operation until the last patient goes home, usually in October or November.

Supplies are needed to keep these tiny fighters in good shape, and you can make miracles happen. Please visit our Orphan Baby Wish List on Amazon and consider making a gift. Dakin Veterinary Technician Meg Delaney, who oversees Nick’s, reports that we especially need canned food (for kittens or cats, pate style preferred, in any flavor), as well as heating discs and Snuggle Puppies.

Each year has seen an increase in the number of patients at Nick’s, and last year we treated our 1,000th patient, a plucky kitten named Plum. Everyone’s geared up for a busy summer and fall…and we thank you for your support!

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