New Dental Equipment Improving Pet Lives at Dakin

by Lee Chambers


Mimi is a 3 year old cat who was recently brought to Dakin as a stray.  The medical examination given to her upon intake revealed that she had a broken tooth that needed removal to prevent complications.  Thanks to a recent grant from Banfield Foundation, Mimi was able to receive the help she needed.

Dakin staff veterinarian Dr. Helton got to work and performed the delicate extraction on Mimi using a brand new VetPro 1000 Dental System that Dakin purchased with the grant funding.  In addition to handling extractions, the equipment also removes tartar buildup and polishes the teeth of feline and canine patients in Dakin’s care. 

Mimi's procedure went very well, and her recovery was speedy.  According to Dr. Helton, most of the patients who require treatment utilizing the Banfield Foundation equipment are 10 or more years old, unless there are other mitigating factors.  In Mimi's case, her broken tooth was potential trouble.  Extractions often prevent dental infection from traveling to another part of the animal's body and creating worse – or fatal – complications, especially when the heart is involved.

In addition to the equipment, the Banfield Foundation provided Dakin with models of both a canine and feline mouth, complete with removable teeth that show dental structure and detail, including how many roots are found in different teeth.  “They will be valuable teaching items,” says Dr. Helton.

“Many pets brought here are seniors, and older animals tend to have dental complications,” says Dakin's Executive Director Carmine DiCenso.  “The arrival of this equipment is very important in helping us meet the needs of this pet population.  Major or minor issues can be corrected, the animal isn't in pain any more, and their health is restored.   We are very grateful for the funding the Banfield Foundation has provided to support our efforts.”

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