Merlyn's Journey: A Return to Love

This gentle soul was days, if not hours, away from death. His condition was so delicate that even the slightest bit of extra food could shock his system and cause his organs to fail. When Merlyn, a 2-year-old brown and white pitbull arrived at Dakin, his future looked bleak.

He lay on a plush blanket in the corner of a Dakin office, paws tightly gripping his stuffed toy. He was so emaciated that his stomach had sunken into his abdomen and his pelvic bones protruded. But it was his eyes that stood out the most. They were dull, empty, and uninterested. He continued to hold his toy - the only soothing thing he knew that wouldn’t hurt or leave him.

It looked painful for him to even be alive. Merlyn’s family had abandoned him and his condition was the result of nearly two weeks without consistent food or water, tethered to a backyard tree in mid-January.

When Merlyn was brought to Dakin by a Good Samaritan, he was so weak from exhaustion and malnutrition that he had to be carried to his bed. Volunteers and staff spoke softly to him, assured him that he was safe, and gently patted his head when he regained strength and began walking again. Even in his weakened state, he would lift his head up to meet their hands and close his eyes contently as if he understood that their touch meant, “Merlyn, we will be good to you, you’re not alone anymore.”

It was clear that Merlyn needed time to heal and trust people again. He is one of many animals who depend on the loving care of Dakin’s volunteers and staff every day. Without you and those who care for them, these animals who need months of long-term care and weekly treatments might never have that crucial second chance.

Merlyn’s life could have ended in tragedy. Instead, we saw the light in his brown eyes come alive again. As he regained his energy, we saw glimpses of Merlyn’s personality. He now wags his tail with pure joy at the sight of people, which gives him an adorable wiggle. He is resilient and forgiving. He enjoys the love and affection so many animals deserve with his new adoptive family.

Help animals like Merlyn when they need us most. Become a member of Dakin's Guardian Society.

We rely on the generous support of our Guardians to weather emergencies and say yes to animals with extraordinary needs, just like Merlyn.

For each new Guardian who joins before April 10, our friends at Steve Lewis Subaru in Hadley will match each initial monthly gift in honor of Merlyn.

You are the bridge that connects us to animals like Merlyn when they have nowhere else to turn. You help restore their faith that people are good and they are not alone.

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