Meet Sasha, the 80,000th Spay/Neuter Patient!

by Lee Chambers


Oh wow…80 thou!  

Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter clinic welcomed our 80,000th patient earlier this month, a seven month old miniature schnauzer named Sasha, who lives in Springfield. Sasha’s family was able to take advantage of a lowered surgical fee for people receiving state or federal assistance, which made Sasha’s surgery possible for them.  

Sasha’s family wisely chose to have her spayed prior to her first heat, sparing her the dangers of delivery, and lowering her risks of uterine infection, or mammary and reproductive organ cancers.  Sasha came through her surgery like a champ and went back home the next day. 

The Clinic opened in 2009, and from that day forward we’ve seen a significant demand for our spay/neuter services; in fact, our Clinic is the largest spay/neuter provider in New England. We perform spay/neuter surgeries on dogs, cats and rabbits.  Last year we began neutering mice that are on our adoption floor.  For more information about booking spay/neuter surgery, please visit our website.  




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