Live, Love, Luis

Luis’s story begins adjacent to a colony of feral cats. This handsome and mild-mannered feline found himself seeking refuge in a dumpster after a traumatic displacement following a building fire. Forced to rely on his instincts, Luis looked beyond the dumpster and found a friend. A resident of the neighborhood spotted Luis, provided food, and kept a watchful eye on the newcomer for several months.

Dakin’s volunteer-run Kitten Street Team (KST) monitored that particular feral colony during TNR (trap, neuter, return) work. To the well-trained eyes of this team, Luis stuck out like a sore thumb. Meowing, approaching humans, and eye contact are not behaviors of feral cats, but there was this guy, roughed up from life outdoors, but displaying the behaviors of a cat who knows that people are good.

Anna, a KST volunteer locked eyes with Luis and knew immediately that he had a very different life before finding himself in this place.

Upon arrival to Dakin, Luis was very shy and remained hidden as he adjusted to this yet-another new environment. But, when he saw Anna, Luis melted into a puddle of gratitude in her arms. He had come to associate his rescuer with love and safety, with life on the street quickly fading from his memory.

Luis soon shared that feeling of comfort with Paula, the person who opened their home and adopted Luis.

The volunteers that make up Dakin’s Kitten Street Team often find themselves in the center of stories just like Luis’s. TNR is physically and emotionally demanding work that doesn’t adhere to a schedule or season. Get to know the Kitten Street Team and find out how you can help as a volunteer.

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