Life After Adoption - Keep Us in the Loop!

At Dakin, we have the privilege of witnessing the start of amazing friendships every time a shelter animal meets their new family, but the story doesn’t end there.

We receive so many updates and photos from our adopters it’s hard to keep track! Our hearts are warmed every time we see a photo of the familiar face of an animal we bonded with at the shelter, living their best life in a loving home.

Allyson sent us an update on Penny (formerly French Fry), adopted in September, 2020. Not only did Allyson tell us Penny was as sweet as can be from the moment they got her, but they decided she’d benefit from the presence of a feline friend, so they returned to Dakin and met Ruby (formerly Seaglass).

After a few rocky introductions (it’s normal, cats are tricky creatures), Penny and Ruby quickly became inseparable buddies and bonded over a shared obsession with the green stuff.

No, not catnip…lettuce!

Allyson said, “They keep us laughing and smiling every day. Thanks for all you do for animals in need. We're so happy we could give these two a loving home."

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