Kitten Supply Kits Helping Orphaned Kittens

by Lee Chambers

Kitten Season is about to arrive, and Dakin is preparing. The onset of COVID-19 has required all of us in the animal welfare industry to find new ways to operate – with limited staff - while focusing on delivering emergency services to people and pets within our community.  This has led to the creation of our Kitten Supply Kits, which we will have on hand for the arrival of litters of healthy, orphaned kittens this summer and fall.

The kits are for the Good Samaritans who find these kittens and want to rehome them to keep them out of the shelter. While we are proud of our efforts in providing high quality care and enrichment to our animals at Dakin, we know that any time an animal can be cared for in a home is an ideal outcome. Our first choice is always to keep healthy animals and kittens out of shelters when we can to prevent the environmental stress some of them may experience.

Each kit contains age-appropriate kitten food, oral syringes, a guide to kitten care and supportive paperwork that has online links to helpful tutorials about bottle feeding, weaning, and overall care, emergency animal hospital listings and much more information. The kits for the youngest kittens also contain milk formula and a feeding bottle.

“With kitten season just around the corner, we want to be well prepared to handle the influx,” said Executive Director Carmine DiCenso. “Just as foster parents helped us clear the shelter during the early days of COVID-19 so we could focus on the sick or injured animals, we are asking for the community's help in rehoming healthy kittens they find and to help keep them out of the shelter. Our Kitten Supply Kits will help people provide these kittens with what's needed to get them on the road to a home to call their own.”

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