Kitten Season: What We're Facing

Each year, we prepare for a sharp increase in the number of animals entering the shelter during summer, but what we're facing this season is different.

More than 500 vulnerable, orphaned kittens are expected to come through our doors this summer, very sick, with nowhere else to turn. Many kittens have already arrived and they need your help, including Giggles.

Giggles was dangerously underweight and dehydrated when he arrived at Dakin with his 4 other siblings. He and his brothers and sisters were found and brought in by our Kitten Street Team. Looking at him, we knew he was in rough shape. Giggles struggled to eat and staff worried that the stress of the shelter would only further weaken his immune system.

To help him feel more comfortable and give him the dedicated attention he needs, Giggles was placed in our foster program. We supplied his foster caregiver with everything she’d need to care for him – from medications to food and litter. She’s providing medical care to Giggles along with lots of love and reassurance. During his time in foster, Giggles is gaining weight, growing, and showing off a playful and affectionate personality.

Giggles and his siblings could have faced a life of suffering outdoors, but instead, they're receiving the love, care, and attention needed to thrive. The generosity of Dakin supporters, like you, changes the lives of animals every day. Kittens need your support more than ever this summer and right now, more kittens just like Giggles are arriving at Dakin. Please make a gift now.

Thank you for being there for animals when they need you most.

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