Kitten Cuddles Warm Hearts at Pop-Up Event

by Lee Chambers


Kittens are the comedians of the universe, and the laughs (and sighs of adoration) were plentiful when Dakin held its first-ever Kitten Pop Up Event on Saturday, March 3. A litter of 6-week old kittens in foster care were recruited for the fundraiser, during which people sat on the floor in groups of 10 to enjoy their feline antics.

The kittens darted, zipped, pranced sideways on their hind legs and ultimately napped, exhausted from their playtime. They blissfully dozed in the arms and laps of the adults and children who took part in the event.

“We’re so pleased the event was a success,” said Stacey Price, Dakin’s Director of Development and Marketing. “Just like with the Puppy Pop Ups that were in January, the goal of this event was two-fold; to give the kittens some much-needed socialization during their formative weeks, and to generate funds to help Dakin animals. We’re happy to report that the Kitten Pop Up event raised over $1,000 for Pat’s Cats Feline Success, and we really appreciate everyone who participated.”

Pat’s Cats Feline Success was established in 2016 to honor Dakin’s late Director of Marketing Patricia Yurkunas. The Fund provides necessities and upgrades to several aspects of cat care at Dakin’s adoption centers in Leverett and Springfield.

Stacey noted that plans are underway for future Pop Ups as more baby animals find their way to Dakin in the spring and summer months. The possiblility of off-site events is being reviewed. Any future Pop-Ups will be promoted on Dakin’s Facebook event page, but be advised that each event has sold out within 48 hours of being announced.

Big thanks go to Elaine Dunlap for fostering the kittens featured at this event, and to Dakin Volunteer Photographers Sharon Mangieri and Dot Barnard for capturing so many great images!  Are you in any of these photos?

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