Katie's Journey Home

When Katie was brought to Dakin on June 5, there was optimism that this sweet, 10-year-old girl with the spellbinding green eyes would charm a special adopter who would want to welcome her to a calm and cozy home to call her own.

Typically, more and more younger cats (and kittens) filled Dakin’s adoption floor over the summer.  Katie wasn’t generating prospective applicants, and her stay became lengthier.  Her gentle spirit was noted in her profile.  “She is always around when you need someone to cheer you up, and she is extremely affectionate.  She will put her paw on your lap to ask to sit with you.”

Designated as a “staff favorite,” Katie was found to have moderate to severe dental disease.  Surgery would be needed to correct this; an expense that her future adopter would have to take into consideration, thus making Katie’s search for a family a little more difficult.

Dakin’s staff and volunteers monitored Katie carefully and responded to her every minor medical or behavioral fluctuation.  A relocation to a new room caused a behavioral hiccup with her bathroom habits, but the problem was quickly remedied.  She moved into a staff office where she could be observed (and adored) up close.

The weeks went by, and Katie became the kitty with the longest residence at Dakin.  She continued to give gentle head butts to visitors (that was her way to request chin scratches).  She offered tiny kisses by touching her nose to their cheek or forehead.  It was clear that Katie wanted to go home.

Finally, in August, a woman expressed interest in adopting Katie.  Hopes were dashed when she decided that it wasn’t an ideal match, but this kind lady gave Katie a gift to help her find her home.  She provided a donation to cover the amount of Katie’s dental surgery, which would eliminate a significant burden for her future family.  The surgery took place right away, and Katie came through with flying colors.

On August 31, Katie was adopted by a wonderful family, and can now lounge and snooze in sun puddles under the watchful eye of those who love her.  At home.  At last.

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