I Donated a Vehicle to Dakin Humane Society

Development & Marketing Director Stacey Price donated her vehicle to a cause close to her heart which also happens to be her workplace.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Stacey’s trusty Toyota Prius unexpectedly called it quits after a decade of commuting, errands, and road trips. After considering the options, Price chose to donate the vehicle to Dakin Humane Society, explaining, “The value would be significant enough to do a great amount of good for the thousands of animals that Dakin cares for every year. As a staff member, I see the impact that these gifts make on the lives of animals firsthand.”

More than 700,000 vehicles are donated to nonprofit organizations across the US every year. The average gift to Dakin from this type of donation is $730. That makes over 1,400 nutritious meals possible for animals in need.

When reflecting on her gift, Price added, “It’s become clear over the last few years that more and more animals need Dakin’s assistance, whether it be in the form of providing resources to pets and their families or being there for animals without homes who have no place else to turn.”

Dakin works with CARS to facilitate vehicle donations, an organization that, since 2003, has processed over $300 Million in vehicle donations to nonprofits nationwide.

When donating a vehicle to Dakin Humane Society, you can expect a fast, simple process that begins with a phone call and ends with the knowledge that the funds from your vehicle are helping create a safe place for animals at a time when they need it most.

Stacey concluded, “Best of all, I knew the value of my vehicle went to a cause that’s close to my heart while the usable parts from my car would be useful to repair other vehicles and not be left in a junk yard.

For more information on vehicle donation to benefit Dakin Humane Society, click here or email us at Development@dakinhumane.org.

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