Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holidays can be a blur of activity, surprises, and great fun. Sometimes we may get distracted and not be aware of dangers to our cherished pets. Here are a few tips to keep everyone joyous and safe this season!

Plant Life

Some holiday plants, when eaten by pets, can result in:

  • Mistletoe – Gastrointestinal irritation (drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain) and cardiovascular problems
  • Poinsettias – Mild signs of vomiting or drooling
  • Holly – Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

Tip:  Look into realistic-looking artificial plants or pet-safe bouquets!

Christmas Trees

  • Secure them so pets can’t knock them over
  • Don’t let pets drink from the tree water at the base
  • Skip tinsel, which often causes dangerous abdominal issues when eaten

Tip:  Consider an artificial tree, place more fragile ornaments up top

Holiday Food & Drink

  • Chocolate isn’t good for pets, and there’s plenty of it around during the holidays. Keep an eye on anything sweetened with xylitol as well
  • No matter how much they beg, don’t offer your pet foods that are fatty or spicy. Bones are a risk as well. If you have company over, tell them as well
  • Watch the cocktails…not for you, for your pet! Unattended alcoholic drinks may attract their curiosity, and if they ingest them, the results could be fatal. Keep an eye on the drinks and keep them out of harm’s way

Tip: Clear tables and counters and take trash out frequently

The Things We Get Too Busy to Remember

  • Tell guests you have pets before they arrive, in case of allergies. Likewise, if you’re traveling to someone’s home, ask about their pets
  • Tell overnight company to keep their medications zipped up and hidden from pets
  • Keep an eye on your front door if you’re throwing a party so your pet doesn’t slip out when you’re busy greeting someone
  • New Year’s Eve can be loud at midnight. If you’re throwing a party, consider skipping the poppers and other noise-makers, especially fireworks. If fireworks are going off in your neighborhood, give your pets their own safe, escape-proof room to avoid the sounds

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