Helping Families Stay Together

by Lee Chambers


With six children and three cats, any family would appreciate an opportunity to curb expenses. When they visited Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic recently, this one got a chance to do just that. 

Melissa, the mother of Kylie, Elise, Caden, Gaven, Rylan and Ansen, brought the kids along when their kitties Tyler and Jackson were neutered here at Dakin. The children, who were taking turns holding Tyler and Jackson’s carriers upon departure, were elated at being able to bring their pets back home.  “The cats stayed overnight after their surgery, and that’s all the kids talked about that night…how much they missed them,” says Melissa.  “The just love animals and they had wanted another kitty when we lost an older cat last year.

 “The cats are like younger siblings to my kids,” Melissa continues.  “They’re always in someone’s arms being loved and hugged and kissed.  These cats don’t get much of a break from all the loving with six kids taking turns, but thankfully they are very laid back and receptive to it!”

When it was time to find an affordable option for spay/neuter surgery, Melissa found out about Dakin online. “With a family of eight, we’re always grateful for affordable services for our cats,” says Melissa.

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, and February 28 is World Spay Day.  Dakin's Community Clinic is New England's largest spay/neuter provider and has performed more than 72,000 surgeries since opening in 2009.  We stand ready to help you and your pets.  For more information about the clinic, visit here or call (413) 781-4019.

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