Halloween Costume Ideas - For Pets!

by Danielle Cookish

There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to Halloween costumes at Dakin. This tradition is taken very seriously! Here are some of our favorites and we hope they inspire you to dream up something special for your pets this year! Some of the featured costumes were found at Home Again, Dakin's onsite thrift store!

Last year, Petunia decided to spend Halloween as an ocean dweller while she waited for her new home at Dakin. We must admit, she may have been the cutest shark we’ve ever seen.
Dewey lives with Meghan, a Dakin Vet Tech. He celebrated Halloween as an x-ray in his cleverly designed doggy onesie!
Dakin’s Director of Operations, Karina has kept it secret all these years that she shares her home with a real-life dinosaur! Hedi is nine years old and spends her days as a Rottweiler when it’s not Halloween.
Assistant Manager and Feline Specialist Alanna shares her home with music legends, Stevie and Billie. Stevie is much more into costumes, so when not on a world tour, he goes by his alter ego, “Papa Smurf”.
The Incredible Odin is dressed in his finest Hulk costume for some trick or treating! This snuggly Shar-Pei lives with Marisol, an animal resource counselor at Dakin.
This little devil is Tiramisu, companion to Dakin’s Veterinary Manager, Mary Jane. Tiramisu is always ready for a festive photoshoot (and not at all devilish) - she knows she’s the main character!
What’s better than a Halloween family portrait? If you said nothing, you’re right. This hamburger (Oscar), Lil Pumpkin, (Little One), and majestic unicorn (Mason) share a home with Serena, Dakin’s Donor Database Specialist. They certainly keep her on her toes! Especially the hamburger.
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