Guardians of Good

Dakin’s Guardian Society Members are a special breed of supporters who lend a hand each month. Dakin Guardians share a special commitment to animals. Each month they show up for animals in need by sacrificing a little for themselves so that animals can have a better life and Dakin can weather any emergencies we may face. They do so by committing to a monthly gift."

Longtime Guardian Rachel Scott noted, “I wanted to pick a monthly monetary level that I wouldn't miss.  So, instead of going out for coffee every day, I make it at home and bring it with me.  The money I would have spent on that became my monthly donation.  It’s a small way to make a big impact.”

As Dakin focuses increasingly on meeting the needs of companion animals, Guardian support makes this possible by ensuring that we’ll have the resources needed to help people and animals at a moment’s notice.  It also supports all of Dakin’s programs and services, including our Vaccine Clinic and Clinic PLUS, as well as our Pet Food Aid Program, which yielded over a million meals to pets in need in 2020.

Because we can rely on the steady income of our Guardian supporters, a person doesn’t have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their animal. According to Rachel, “Dakin helps people keep their pets at home with them, in hard times, to prevent surrenders.”

“The animals have no control over what happens to them, so we need to make sure they're safe, fed, cared for and loved,” said Pam Predmore, who has been a supporter for several years.  “That's why I continue as a Guardian, I want to be part of that; making sure we're helping them.  I can't take them all home, but at least I'm helping them find the way home.”

If you’d like to join a special group of people and make a difference in the animals’ lives all year long, become a Guardian today by clicking here.  

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