Guardian Society Member Spotlight: Sam Masinter

by Lee Chambers

Sam Masinter with wife Alli

Sam Masinter works full time at Smith College and volunteers as a photographer for local nonprofits, including Dakin.  He’s also one of our Guardian Society Members.  When you're a Dakin Guardian Society Member, you set a monthly donation amount that works for you.  Each month your credit card charges you for that exact fee, and you provide important, ongoing support to help animals at Dakin.  Help us reach our goal of 30 new Guardian Society Members by April 13 by signing up today! 

Sam tells us why being a Guardian is important to him:

How long have you been a Guardian Society Member?

Since 2014 - I remember hearing about it and realizing that it was a great way to support something I cared about on an ongoing basis.  The automatic payment makes it easy for me as well.

How did you first hear about Dakin?

As soon as I moved to the area, I heard about Dakin - it’s why I started volunteering there as a photographer. My first shoot was around 2006 in the old Leverett location just after I graduated college - I remember meeting Edgar, the last of a litter who was an extraordinarily patient model throughout the photoshoot. I adopted him the next day. He lived with me through four homes and stayed with me long enough to meet and be loved by my daughter, Rose. Dakin has been part of my family since that first shoot.

What made you decide to become a Guardian?

It makes it easier for everyone. I don’t have to remember to make an annual donation, and I know that it lets Dakin count on regular support from my family.

What services at Dakin are most important to you?

Community spay and neuter clinics. As much as I love rescue animals, I want to live in a world where there isn’t a need to rescue them in the first place.

Why is it important for others to consider becoming a member of Dakin’s Guardian Society Program?

Being a guardian doesn’t mean being a large donor - it could be the same gift you consider every year, broken down by 12 months. I’ve worked in nonprofits for a long time and understand how difficult it is to budget against donations that may or may not come in. The guardian program eliminates that uncertainty without any downside to the donor.

Tell us about your connection to animals…how important are pets to you?  And your family?

I’ve had rescue pets for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Miami, I had two dogs that I’ll never forget: Otter showed up in our yard after Hurricane Andrew (he got his name by jumping in the pool and trying to rescue 12-year-old me when I swam underwater). Angela (Miss Angela Basset, formally) was a basset hound rescued by my mother from the side of a freeway. We always had one or two cats that would wander into our yard looking for a home, and they’d always find it. Love isn’t something that should be bred and bought.

Do you have any pets now?  Who are they?   

Yes! My wife Alli and I adopted, Maggie, our Dixie Dog, three months after we got married. That was almost 10 years ago. Despite her protestations, Maggie welcomed Luna about a year ago. Our daughter picked Luna out (her full name, for the record, is Miss Luna Marabelle Magic Chandelier) at Dakin. I took a photo of the moment they met. It's not too far from how I looked when I met my first Dakin cat 15 years ago. Just a little bit of history repeating.  (See below)

Sam Masinter in 2004


Rose Masinter in 2018

We greatly appreciate the generosity of Sam and all our other Guardian Society Members whose monthly support allows us to work effectively on behalf of the animals.

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