Getting a Second Chance

We recently told the story about how Dakin received over 60 cats from a hoarding case in the Pioneer Valley. So much has gone on in the past month that we wanted to share their progress.  

Many of the kitties experienced stress in adapting to their new environment. This often triggers illnesses in cats, particularly upper respiratory infection (URI) and weight loss, which several of them endured. In addition to those concerns, the cats were treated for broken toes, eye infections, dental problems, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and more. When we created a fundraising effort on Facebook to help offset some of these medical expenses, you showed your support so quickly. Thank you for providing these kitties with the care they needed.

In addition to medical help, these felines needed enrichment from our volunteers, who also showed up in a big way. In no time we had more people than shifts available, and some very scared kitties were being lovingly tended to by a team of people dedicated to seeing them thrive.

Before long, there were victories to celebrate. On a weight-tracking day in mid-November, awards were given to Mischa, who earned Best Scale Style. Spike nabbed the Most Helpful award, Tiny Tommy earned the Most Improved award for not hiding right away. Little K received a Participation Award for finally allowing himself to be weighed. And the best news of all?  Every one of the kitties had gained much-needed weight!

Medically cleared cats began to be adopted, and one kind-hearted person brought home three of the shyest kitties so that they could give each other some brotherly love as they adjusted to their new life. So far, several of the cats found new homes, with more expected to follow after receiving additional treatment.

Thank you for the role you’ve played in every triumph experienced by this extraordinary group of kittens and cats. With every new step they take to a better tomorrow, they are carrying your love forward.

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