Feed Your Radio, Feed a Pet

by Lee Chambers


Dakin is partnering with New England Public Radio in its Feed Your Radio, Feed a Pet campaign to assist our Pet Food Aid Program.  We greatly appreciate their support, as well as campaign sponsors Lexington Group and Teddy Bear Pools & Spas.

Our Pet Food Aid Program has been in place for several years to ensure that people in our community have a place to turn when their cats and dogs need food during tough times.  When you donate cat and dog food for this program, your help those in need and keep families together.

We welcome donations of bagged, dry food -- particularly cat food. You may deliver your contributions to either of our adoption center locations:

  • Springfield – 171 Union Street, Springfield, MA
  • Leverett – 163 Montague Road, Leverett, MA

Why We Need Pet Food Aid Programs

  • Food stamps and other forms of assistance don’t allow for the purchase of pet food, and people will often sacrifice their own food for their pets
  • Many clients need the food on a short-term basis, which helps keep the program sustainable
  • Pet Food Aid programs serve as a critical resource during times of disaster or crisis

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