Dasiy Candles Light Fundraising Way

by Lee Chambers

Little faces in Nick's Nursery

When Kay Gregory combined her love of animals with her creativity and generosity, the Dasiy* Candle became a reality.

Kay sells the 100% soy candle at Kay Gregory Modern, the salon she runs in Northampton. The candle retails for $35, with 10% of net sales donated to Dakin so that more animals like Daisy can live the lives they deserve.

As the label on her candle reads: "When I was a little girl, my dream was to bring every stray animal in the world home with me and that is still my dream to this day. Daisy, my beloved beagle/basset hound, was an animal shelter statistic until she was rescued by some kind souls in Texas and brought to Dakin Humane Society. The Dasiy* candle was inspired by a drawing of Daisy done by my young friend, Maya, and is my way of recognizing all the animals who still need homes and love."

Daisy, Kay's dog, accompanies her to the salon so if you'd like to meet the inspiration for the candle, she is there ready to give you lots of doggy kisses.

As Kay demonstrated, we can all do our part to make a difference for the animals in our community. If you’d like to get some ideas about creating a fundraiser, please click here. We thank Kay and everyone who creates fundraising opportunities and events to help Dakin animals!

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