Dakin's Clinic PLUS: Good News for Your Pets

by Lee Chambers

Pet care expenses and having access to excellent veterinary care can be a challenge for those who share their homes with beloved pets.  Dogs and cats with non-urgent health issues may not have many options for getting quick, high-quality care.  When your pet is feeling unwell, this can create stressful situations for them, as well as you having to wait on an appointment.

Dakin Humane Society’s Clinic PLUS offers accessible and affordable options with a shorter wait time than most animal care sites.  This new service helps people unable to go to a full-service animal hospital for non-urgent medical issues, and is available by appointment only at our Springfield location.  At this time, Clinic PLUS is able to treat a limited type of pet health issues such as ear infections, skin allergies and minor injuries.

Dakin’s Medical Director Dr. Rebecca Carroll says, “Clinic PLUS allows for dogs and cats to have accessible care for common illnesses or injuries, so that small medical issues can be treated before they become larger.  A simple ear infection, a small bite wound, or a cold can become a much bigger deal if left untreated, and can lead to unnecessary discomfort for our pets and unnecessary costs for the pet’s family.  Seeking early treatment can mean a great deal for our furry family members.”

Dakin is pleased to offer this twice-weekly clinic to help pets receive much-needed care to stay healthy, happy and in the arms of their loved ones.


Thanks to Dakin Volunteer Jackie Fanning for contributing this blog.

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