Dakin Mobilizes for Intake of 59 Guinea Pigs

When the news came that there were 59 guinea pigs who needed to be taken in for adoption, the Dakin team rose to the challenge to provide a second chance for these animals in need.

On May 16, our intrepid team traveled a significant distance to a home that had 59 guinea pigs living with their caretaker. The staff members found that the pigs were well-cared for and in a clean environment. Their person had simply become overwhelmed by the number of pets that were occupying the home and had decided to have Dakin take them.  It was not an easy decision for her to make, but she felt it was the best course of action.

When the Dakin van returned to Springfield that afternoon, staff members were a well-oiled machine as they unloaded carrier after carrier filled with guinea pigs who were of varying sizes, ages, and colors. Their arrival had been anticipated by animal care personnel in the adoption center who had already cleaned and prepared cages for them. In an organized fashion, the pigs were photographed individually, checked to confirm sex, and medically assessed. It was truly a case of all hands on deck.

While some of the pigs seemed as if they might require some medical attention and were kept under supervision, the majority of them were in good condition and made their way to the adoption floor immediately.

Jumping in to help with no advance notice is the standard procedure at Dakin. Our organization has solid relationships with animal control officers in the Pioneer Valley (and beyond) and other shelters when animals need help. In fact, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey has already taken 14 guinea pigs into their care to lessen our load.

When partnerships are formed in animal welfare, more animals are able to be saved and move on to loving homes.

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