Dakin to Receive Rescued Beagles From Historic HSUS Removal

Dakin Humane Society was very recently alerted to an unprecedented animal welfare situation unfolding in Cumberland, Virginia. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is in the process of removing approximately 4,000 beagles from the Envigo facility, where the dogs are bred to be sold to laboratories for animal testing.

The removal plan follows dozens of violations during federal inspections of the facility and its operations as well as a lawsuit by the Department of Justice in May, which alleged violations of The Animal Welfare Act. Federal inspections cited unsanitary conditions, insufficient food, and inadequate veterinary care.

The HSUS is relying on its large network of shelter partners around the country to prepare for transports of beagles and begin the process of rehabilitation, medical treatment, behavior assessments, and getting these dogs on the path to the loving homes they deserve.

Dakin plans to accept a small group of beagles, currently being transported up the east coast. We will continue to update our social media pages as this story continues to develop.

At this time we have received over 250 adoption inquiries for the beagles and are no longer accepting interested party inquiries. Thank you to everyone who stepped up and expressed an interest to help these dogs. Once the beagles arrive they will not be immediately available for adoption. It is important to remember that these dogs have lived their entire lives in a kennel environment. They have never been outdoors, in a home, walked on a leash, or ridden in a car. They will need a lot of time, patience, and gentle training as they learn about their new world. If you are looking for a typical family pet, they are unlikely to be a match for you. Dakin may receive dogs who will never display typical behavior in a home because of their traumatic history.

The support of our community allows Dakin to be there in times of need and crisis for both animals and people. We are an available resource and able to assist with this historic rescue operation because of your kind support. If adoption isn’t the right option for you, please consider a gift to help support their care.

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