Dakin Responds to Local Animal Hoarding Situation

When animals need help and have nowhere to turn, we rely on compassionate supporters like you who allow Dakin to be a safe place for animals who have already been through so much.

Over the last few weeks, more than 60 adult cats came to Dakin from a hoarding situation in Franklin County. Although our staff is struggling to meet the demands of the nearly 300 animals in our care, it was important that we opened our doors to help.

Our veterinary and animal care teams are working to assess each cat and create a path based on their unique needs. We have been lucky to work with partner shelters to transport over a dozen cats to their care while we focus on providing care for those with very complex needs.

Mary Jane, Dakin’s Manager of Veterinary Services has been spending time with the cats and getting to know their unique personalities, likes, and dislikes. Although the cats are very scared, the warm presence of a calm human is helping put their minds at ease. “The cats have been housed in social groups most comfortable to them”, said Mary Jane, We are working with our volunteers to start enrichment sessions soon to help them acclimate better to life away from the living situation they knew.”

Many of the cats require costly dental surgery to relieve pain from the progression of untreated dental disease. Some cats are suffering from wounds, broken toes, and eye injuries that will also require surgery. As they have experienced a sudden change in environment and everything they’ve ever known, these cats are very scared and doing their best to adjust to the sights and sounds at Dakin.

The overall cost to provide immediate, humane medical and behavioral care is expected to exceed $10,000. Cats like Tiny Tommy, Spike, Troy, and the many others in this group are relying on your generosity to lift them up at a time they need it most.

Ways to help

Your support allows us to say “yes” when animals have nowhere else to go, offering them a second chance to experience all the joy and comfort that life has to offer. Please, visit our Facebook fundraiser or make a gift online today.

We are currently seeking foster homes for adult cats with special behavior needs, including some of the cats from this group who need extra help before reaching the end of their journey to a new home. Read about Dakin’s foster program and enrollment process here. To open your home to cats from this group specifically, please email foster@dakinhumane.org.

Give the gifts of security and comfort by adopting. If you have a calm, quiet home and are motivated to help by adopting cats from this group, please complete this form.

Thank you for all you do for animals and the people who love them. Your compassion and kindness are felt by all of us here at Dakin and inspire us to reach as far as possible to help animals in crisis.

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