Dakin Opens Doors for Dogs in Multi-State Transport Operation

Animal welfare workers sort pet carriers next to a parked plane

Dakin was recently involved in a large mobilization of animal welfare organizations to help transport more than 60 dogs and puppies from the midwest to Connecticut.

BISSELL Pet Foundation, working alongside National Mill Dog Rescue and Race for Life Rescue, were preparing to move over 70 dogs who had been surrendered from commercial breeding facilities throughout the midwest.

Just before sunset on October 27, a line of brightly colored transport vehicles inched alongside an airport runway in Windsor Locks, Connecticut as the rescue flight’s wheels met the tarmac. MSPCA, Connecticut Humane Society, Northeast Animal Shelter, and Potter League for Animals were among the lineup with Dakin.

Many members of the receiving team had watched BISSELL Pet Foundation’s live Facebook broadcast as the flight departed from Springfield, Missouri. Founder Cathy Bissell said, “We are so grateful to our four incredible destination partners who stepped up to save lives in this special mission.”

Ready to welcome the dogs to the beginning of their new journey, vehicle doors swung open as the loud hum of the plane’s conveyor kicked into gear.

The offload of dozens of carriers happened swiftly. Animal caregivers stopped at each carrier to offer clean water and a meal to the dogs and puppies, who were still in the midst of a confusing and stressful day of travel to a destination they didn’t yet understand.

Animal handlers remove pet carriers from plane conveyor

Dakin’s team brought eight puppies and young dogs back to Springfield. While transport animals require a period of quarantine prior to being made available for adoption, Dakin’s staff and volunteers made sure to keep our canine guests company. Enrichment and play sessions were plentiful, but the quieter moments reminded us of why we do the work we do. Taking that extra time to offer a snuggle or a lap to nap on reassures these dogs that their lives are now different. They’ll be given names, loved unconditionally, and find comfort in the peacefulness of their new homes.

Meg Talbert, Dakin’s Executive Director reflected, “Because of the dedication of our community, volunteers, and staff we were able to respond to help these dogs. We are grateful to our supporters who believe in our work and allow Dakin to say “yes” when asked to help, allowing these dogs to have something every pet deserves – a family and a home.”

We are honored to be a BISSELL Pet Foundation partner. Working together to better the lives of animals in need means a lot to us.

A person presses their hand against a dog's paw from inside a carrier

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