Dakin Kicks Off Pride Month

For more than 50 years, Dakin has been rooted in compassion, acceptance, and inclusiveness. In that time, we’ve fostered a sense of belonging and a safe space for all humans and their pets. June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. Help us celebrate by continuing to promote love, reject hate, and maintain a safe, humane community for all to enjoy together.

Messages from Dakin staff members

What does Pride mean to you?

❤️  “For me, Pride is celebrating the beauty in how amazingly different we all are.”


🧡  “Pride means being open and honest about who you are without fear and judgment.”


💛  “Our world is diverse and that diversity is beautiful and needs to be celebrated.”


💚  “Pride is to embrace your true self while remaining mindful and kind to others.”


💙  “Pride is about being comfortable in your own skin.”


💜  “Pride is using your inner strength and resilience to inspire and comfort those in need.”


🤍  “Pride is about our community and how much we can accomplish together.”


💗  "Pride is the strength to remain calm and kind in the face of hate and bigotry."


💙  "To me, Pride is about discovering and loving all of the things that make us unique human beings."


🤎  "Pride is about community just as much as individuality."


🖤  "I feel Pride the most when I know that I am in a safe space where everyone is welcome."

On Saturday, June 3, the 2nd Annual Springfield Pride Parade will march through the heart of our city. The Dakin team will be attending the Stearns Square block party following the parade. Please stop by our table and say hello!

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