Dakin Joins in Massive Life-Saving Animal Transport

The number of animals in New England shelters rise significantly in the summer months. Regardless of that number, we work hard every day to ensure each animal receives the care and comfort they deserve. Because we can rely on you, we’re able to be there for these animals and for other shelters when they call for help.

That call came in early July when a shelter in Texas became critically overwhelmed by the 700 cats and dogs in their care. Despite the large number of animals we were caring for at the time, we knew we needed to help.

On 4th of July weekend while everyone was celebrating with friends and family, Dakin staff and volunteers drove to a New Jersey airport to pick up 7 cats and 9 dogs and carry them on the last leg of their journey to Dakin. This historic rescue mobilization of animal welfare professionals was made possible by the BISSELL Pet Foundation alongside Animal Rescue Corps and El Paso Animal Services.

Dakin’s staff and volunteers worked with several other shelters from all over the country with a common goal of saving lives. Despite the busy days and short notice, this was a chance to help another shelter and animals with an extreme need.

As word spread through Dakin’s walls of the incoming transport, foster caregivers stepped in to take animals already in the shelter to make more room. Kennels were cleaned, prepped, and filled with soft blankets and toys. On arrival, dogs and cats were warmly welcomed by caring humans, doing everything they could to relieve them of stress and help them look forward to a future filled with promise.

It takes a village of animal advocates and heroes to orchestrate a transport operation of this size. We rely on you, our supporters, to allow Dakin to say “yes” when animals need help most. The monthly gift of our Guardians makes this work a reality, allowing at-risk animals to find solace and sanctuary in loving homes.

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