Dakin is CRIJO-fied!

by Lee Chambers

Dakin’s 50th Anniversary celebration continues!  Earlier this month we were delighted to receive a donation of CRIJO cat equipment worth $10,000.

The donation from CRIJO was originally directed to the Jackson Galaxy Project and GreaterGood.org, and both organizations were asked to identify an animal shelter to receive the equipment as a gift.  Dakin was selected in recognition of our stature in the field of animal welfare and in celebration of our 50th Anniversary.

The equipment includes three large towers which have been installed in a colony room at our Springfield Adoption Center where free-roaming, adoptable cats can enjoy them for playing, climbing or sleeping.

Dakin’s Executive Director Carmine DiCenso noted that “These towers provide endless enrichment for our resident cats who are awaiting adoption. We purchased CRIJO equipment for one of our other colony rooms earlier this year, so this donation helps get us closer to our goal of having CRIJO equipment in all three of our colony rooms. CRIJO products are extremely durable and will last longer than our original cat trees. They’re also easy to disinfect, which makes them ideal in a shelter environment. Our cats are loving the equipment; they’re climbing, playing and curling up for naps.”

He continued, “Cat care and enrichment efforts in shelters have really evolved over time.  Years ago, shelters housed cats and dogs in very close proximity, which was very stressful for cats.  Over time, shelters began separating them, and more steps were taken to provide cats with hiding spots, cat condos and more.  This CRIJO equipment is the ultimate in providing an ideal environment for any cat, and we’re thrilled by the generosity shown by CRIJO, the Jackson Galaxy Project and GreaterGood.org.”

Renowned cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy sent a video to Dakin congratulating us on the donation and noting that we have “served the community with style and a lot of leadership in animal welfare over the years…in honor of their anniversary, we have decided to make this donation to Dakin.  Congratulations for fifty years.”

For a look at the installation process…and some very happy felines…enjoy this video!

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