Dakin Guinea Pig Enjoys Afternoon at Art Museum

From the moment Honey arrived at Dakin, we knew she was special. This lovely lady had an appreciation for the finer things in life. Her mature taste led her to only the finest fresh vegetables and leafy greens. A messy habitat? She would never.

In 2020, Honey met Alyssa and her adoption was official. It turns out, Alyssa saw Honey’s refined personality, too.

After introducing Honey to Latte, her new guinea pig bestie, and the other resident animal companions, Alyssa took enrichment to an all-new level.

Honey enjoyed a handmade, custom art museum fit for a guinea pig. Alyssa said, “We made her a museum of her favorite foods. She is adjusting well to being with us and loving lots of snuggles!” It looks like Honey was respectful of the tiny “Please do not touch the display” sign.

We heard recently that Honey celebrated her second birthday and is gaining a following on Tiktok. She enjoys time with her family on outings to a local coffee shop and holiday snuggles with her favorite people.

Alyssa added, “We can’t say thank you enough for blessing us with this beautiful gal! She has completed our family.”

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