Home Again - The Shop at Dakin Launches Online

by Lee Chambers

Home Again – the Shop at Dakin has arrived!  On May 3 we unveiled our newest online thrift shop by that name on Shopify.

Dakin’s thrift shop has been a successful venture that had a modest beginning in 2009.  Since then, it has grown a customer base that enjoys finding inexpensive treasures for both people and pets.  All proceeds help animals both in Dakin’s care and in the community, and the shop is managed by volunteers who contribute their time and effort to keep it running efficiently.

Before the pandemic struck, the thrift shop earned anywhere between $50,000-$70,000 in a typical year, but in March 2020, it was temporarily closed to the public.  While we already have a volunteer-run Ebay site that sells smaller, shippable thrift items, we decided to create an online site that would feature larger items from the shop that could be picked up at our building in Springfield, saving enormous shipping fees.

“There will be several pet items on Home Again, especially due to their size,” said Stacey Price, Dakin’s director of development and marketing.  “So far, our most popular sellers are dog crates, cat carriers and cat scratching posts.  Our plan is to offer onsite shopping soon, but until then people can make purchases at either of our sites.  The thrift shop has been a perfect example of how people in our community can come together to help each other out.  Generous people donate new or gently-used items for us to sell, volunteers offer their help with the shop, and buyers can find essentials like pet care items at affordable prices, making it easier for them to keep their pets safe, happy and by their side.  Also, we’ve been asked about accepting donated items, and while we’re not ready for that yet, we expect to make an announcement about that later in the summer.”

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Link to Dakin’s Ebay shop

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