Dakin Cat Stars in Jackson Galaxy Training Series

When our friends at The Jackson Galaxy Project called on Dakin to collaborate on two feline training videos, we knew just the cat for the job.

Back in 2018, Dakin began its journey with The Jackson Galaxy Project, embarking on a semester of Cat Pawsitive Pro, a feline training program specifically for shelters. The original team of staff and volunteer trainers worked with The Jackson Galaxy Project’s mentors and behavior experts to learn all about the positive reinforcement training of shelter cats.

Since then, over 200 cats have gone through Cat Pawsitive Pro at Dakin, learning behaviors that not only help them get adopted, but allow them to become active participants in their own healthcare and safety. In 2021, Lasagna joined forces with the Dakin training team and helped create two videos that showcase more advanced positive reinforcement training.

Watch Lasagna learn how to voluntarily enter his carrier to go to the vet - stress-free!

Do you have a door-darting cat? You can fix that! Lasagna shows off his skills when it comes to going to his place and staying when asked by his trainer:
Shortly after his film debut, Lasagna found a loving home. Special thanks to the amazing humans at The Jackson Galaxy Project for trusting us with the important task of capturing the video used to help teach others.

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