Dakin Assists with Emergency Dog Rescue in Vermont

This past weekend, Dakin received a call for help from our friends at Windham County Humane Society in Vermont. The situation they described was one that we immediately knew we had to help with.

Staff and volunteers from Windham County had been called out to a cruelty case where several dogs were living outdoors, confined by short chains, with only uninsulated dog houses and plastic barrels for shelter.  The dogs had little access to food, frozen water, and were dangerously thin.

Despite their conditions and all they endured, these dogs were friendly and enjoyed attention from people. Moon, Dakin's Adoption Center Manager, visited the dogs earlier in the week, and four dogs arrived at Dakin this Wednesday. They were immediately assessed by Dakin’s veterinary team, who created specialized treatment plans to address the dogs’ severe malnourishment.

It will be a long road for the four dogs we took into our care. Large hound mixes are extremely vocal, which on its own can present challenges with home placement. But, it's likely these dogs have never known the comfort and safety of indoor living and have medical challenges ahead.

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