Dakin Admits Over 70 Kittens From Franklin County Home

A local animal lover, with kind intentions of helping vulnerable and stray cats, soon became overwhelmed when the unaltered cats began producing litter upon litter of kittens. Over one year, the population of cats in the small home ballooned from less than 10 to more than 70.

The person involved was relieved to find out Dakin could help by serving as a resource for the cats, providing medical care, spay/neuter surgery, and preparing them for adoption. “Dakin is here to help,” said Director of Development and Marketing Stacey Price. “We know from firsthand experience how hard it is to be unable to help every animal in need. This is where people - even with the best of intentions - can quickly become overwhelmed.”

Once neighbors learned of this person’s love for cats, carriers of cats and kittens began to appear on the property, dropped off, and left to be cared for. Many of those cats were intact and began to have kittens. “This is a person who really wanted help, but didn’t know where to get it,” said Moon Wymore, Dakin’s Adoption Center Manager. “They likely would have gotten help much sooner had they known about the available resources Dakin offers.” The person also faced the additional barriers of a fixed income and a vehicle that is not drivable and in need of repairs. Stacey Price added, “Some may feel embarrassed when things get out of control, or not want to ask for help out of fear of judgment. It’s important to know that Dakin is here for our community, and when situations like this present themselves, we want to help and encourage people to reach out so we can work with them.”

Dakin’s veterinary teams worked to admit more than 70 kittens and young cats last week, many requiring medical treatment for flea infestation and upper respiratory infections. Due to their living situation, these kittens are much more comfortable being among other cats. To ensure their comfort during adoption, Dakin has placed “BOGO” labels on the available cats from this group, which means the fee for one will be waived when adopting two.

Some kittens are too young to be adopted and are spending time in the comfort of foster homes. Visit our website to meet the currently-available cats with “BOGO” adoption fees, which will help them find loving homes with a friend by their side.

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