Dakin Admits Over 40 Cats From Separate Hoarding Situations

Dakin staff members recently learned that more than 80 cats were inside a one-bedroom apartment in a neighboring county. Animal resource counselors and veterinary staff immediately began preparations to admit cats to the already-busy shelter. Adoption Center Manager Moon Wymore worked alongside several animal welfare organizations and animal control agencies to organize a safe and successful transport of animals to several area shelters.

The transport van pulled into Dakin’s garage with over 20 cats in tow. Understanding that these cats’ lives had just been turned upside-down, staff worked in near-silence to unload the carriers and begin intake examinations quietly, to avoid any additional stress on the cats.

The cats were very shy and exhibited behavior that told us that they had not had as much social interaction with people as typical cats do. Some cats were pregnant, including Midnight Thunder, who gave birth to kittens the day after her arrival.

Within days of their arrival, we were notified of another developing hoarding situation in a nearby town. We learned there were approximately 30 cats in this home and the person involved needed help. Animal control led the operation and delivered over 20 more cats to Dakin. Staff quickly got ready for a second large intake process. This group consisted of mostly adult cats, two of which were nursing large litters of infant kittens.

Cats from hoarding situations are very shy around people. They live in your home, but are rarely seen - visitors will never see them. They may sometimes grant you the opportunity to touch them. Or, they may not. These kitties must go to adoptive homes that have a resident cat or are adopted with a friend from their group here at the shelter.

Since making many of the cats available for adoption, we received over 75 inquiries from folks who wanted to help these cats. Get to know all the animals at Dakin who are looking for homes by visiting our website or coming to the adoption center during open hours Tuesday - Saturday 12:30 - 3:00.

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