Cookie's Tale: From Loss to Joy

There are few things sadder for a pet than when their person passes away.  Cookie, a bright-eyed, eight-month-old white and black-spotted Lionhead rabbit was in that predicament just a few months ago.  His person was gone, nobody in the family could take him, and he ended up living with his person’s landlord.

While Cookie’s gentle personality and friendliness charmed the landlord (and the resident children), the landlord was severely allergic to Cookie and, with no other options available, brought him to Dakin.

Cookie’s timing was ideal.  He arrived three days before our Small Animal Adoption Day event in August. Just enough time to be photographed and posted on Dakin’s website.  And the perfect person happened to be looking.

“I saw his adorable face on the website, and I just knew I had to have him,” said Tiffany, who booked an appointment to come in and adopt her new friend.  There was an immediate connection.  “I definitely felt that from the moment we met, we just clicked so well together.”

Tiffany’s new friend was confident from the start.  Cookie settled in quickly and prowled all around his new setting, hopping into laundry baskets and pulling himself up against the front of bureaus to investigate what might be of interest to him.

“We are always together having fun,” Tiffany stated.  “One of my favorite things he does is play with his stacking cups.  It’s our favorite game.  He makes me smile and laugh on the daily!”

Cookie is doing amazingly well, and Tiffany values the rabbit she calls “the sweetest baby ever.  He’s very kind-hearted, always on his best behavior, super playful, and all-around amazing.”  We’re sure Cookie’s previous person would have wanted exactly this outcome for their beloved rabbit; that he would find a new family that adores him, and appreciates the joy that he brings every day.

Caged pets like guinea pigs and rabbits are often dismissed as being non-interactive pets.  Cookie is proof that that’s untrue.  “Rabbits can feel your emotions,” Tiffany said.  “They can comfort you, make you laugh, play with you, and follow you around.  Just his face makes me smile every day.  Rabbits are fantastic companions.”

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