Checking In on You and Your Pets

Many of us are dealing with the effects of inflation on gas prices and rising housing costs, as well as an increase in food prices, including pet food, as we continue to face the ongoing pandemic.  We understand how these factors can impact the lives of pets and the people who love them.

We want to remind you, your friends, and loved ones, that we are here for you and your pets, should you fall on difficult times, or need temporary support or a safety net. As the winter continues, some may begin to feel the additional effects of rising utility costs. Dakin offers a number of programs and services to keep pets and people where they belong – together. And as part of our Dakin family, these programs and services are extended to you and your pets should you need us.

As always, compassion for one another and kindness remain our core, unwavering values. We are here for you as you navigate whatever challenges you and your pets may face.

Programs and Services

Dakin’s Pet Health Center provides non-emergency veterinary care to publicly owned dogs and cats offering a wide array of payment options.

Those in need of pet food assistance can receive it through our Pet Food Aid Program

Thank you for continually supporting the lifesaving work we do and providing a safety net for pets and the people who love them during challenging times.

If you are looking for ways to help, we have updated our Amazon Wish List with items in need that can be shipped directly to our Springfield location, or if you prefer to make a gift for the area in greatest need we will more than welcome it.

All of us at Dakin feel grateful to help everyone know the joy of pet companionship. The bond between pet and person is unwavering when times are good, and especially when times are tough, and we feel their unconditional love. Our pets soothe our souls, and they deserve their place right by our side. We’re here to help make sure they stay there.

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