Charlotte Cathro's Dakin Dedication

When Charlotte Cathro concluded her second term as president of Dakin’s Board of Directors recently, she wrapped up an 11-year commitment. In 2012 she was a recent transplant from eastern MA, a new mother, and a lifelong animal lover. She reached out to Dakin to inquire about serving on the Board and was warmly welcomed.

“I was really impressed by everyone, and how much they cared for people and animals” recalls Charlotte. “What made Dakin different was its attitude of non-judgment, doing what was best for people, and believing that people would do what was best for the animals. It was a different and refreshing attitude. I have relationships with several animal rescue groups, and they vary in how much they trust that people will do the right thing.”

Through the years, Charlotte has been pleased with the range of programs and services Dakin has provided to help keep animals with their people. She cited the 2022 opening of the Pet Health Center (PHC) as her most memorable moment as a Dakin volunteer. “It was something the Board was talking about for a long time, and for a while, we couldn’t make it happen. The need in the community was there, but we didn’t have the capacity to take that on…we needed to have the funds and systems in place. Now the PHC can help prevent animals from being surrendered, and staying in their homes.”

Another memorable moment came in 2017 when Charlotte fostered a pregnant Catahoula dog named Audrey. “She was in labor and had nine puppies before 2:00 a.m.  I was messaging the Dakin team in the morning, then I turned around and there was a tenth puppy.”

Before long, Charlotte and her family adopted the last arrival, named Bill Murray. As they got bigger, she noted that “all the other puppies would tend to play with each other, in pairs or groups, but Bill was always the most attentive to me. He made direct eye contact with me all the time!” An Instagram star (look for him @billmurricane), Bill’s outdoor adventures are well-chronicled on his page. Charlotte’s family, which includes sons Oliver and Graham, also enjoy the company of cats Gruff (another foster fail) and Keebler.

“Fostering is incredibly rewarding, more than you’d expect,” she states. “Healthy kittens and puppies are cute, but one of the most fulfilling experiences is when that’s not the case. The ones that are most challenging are the most rewarding.”  Charlotte’s sons were hands-on when fostering pets.  “Oliver helped me prep food, and they love the fostering experience.  It’s a huge thing for them.

Fortunately for us, Charlotte will continue to serve on our Finance Committee and other projects, and offer assistance as a volunteer, particularly in dog walking.  She is also a partner with TAC CPAs LLC, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Society of CPAs as their cannabis committee chair.

Current Board President Tiffany Appleton states, “Charlotte's commitment to Dakin has been unrivaled over the 6 years I have been on the board. Her commitment to the organization and willingness to always find the time for Dakin in her very busy schedule is an inspiration. Charlotte's continued fiscal mindset allowed Dakin to thrive under her leadership and emerge from COVID even stronger. I greatly appreciate her years of dedication and am thrilled she will remain a piece of the organization going forward.”

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