Celebrating Our Volunteers!

Last week was  National Volunteer Week, and we want to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate our dedicated volunteers. Dakin could not function without the help and hard work they happily offer every day they come through our doors.  

They handle the tough stuff, like cleaning cages and kennels that do not smell of springtime, and they provide the tender touch, like taking a moment to give one more cuddle to an animal in their care. Sometimes their work doesn’t directly involve animal care, but in the end, every volunteer’s task helps Dakin’s pets and programs stay on track.

Dakin volunteers, we appreciate you every day. We are often inspired by your devotion to animals and to our mission to keep people and their pets together. Thank you for that, and so much more.

Read below what our staff has to say about our Dakin volunteers, and at the bottom of the page are some stats from 2021 that were made possible with help from our incredible volunteers!

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