Celebrating Dakin's Volunteers!

On April 28, Dakin’s Volunteer Appreciation event gave us the opportunity to extend our thanks to an incredible team of people who come together every day to help us support the pets and people of our community in countless ways.

Upon arrival, volunteers were given a newly-created Dakin mug with our thanks and gathered in the atrium for beverages and a catered meal from Frigo’s. There was a scavenger hunt, with participants in the running for fun prizes, and shelter games were staged throughout the building, including a tricky obstacle course, the Kitten Street Team Simulator game, and Catch the Feral Cat in the Net (no worries, it was a stuffed toy!)

The most touching moments came during dinner when Dakin staff members took turns addressing the crowd of more than 100 volunteers and expressed their heartfelt thanks for the unwavering support and dedication they bring to their duties. At first, those scheduled to speak shared their thoughts, but then other staff members soon joined in, moved by the need to let our volunteers know how important they are to the fabric of our organization. Their comments were heartfelt and inspirational, moving many in attendance to “happy tears.”

The sound of laughter rang throughout the building, as participants played the shelter games, shared stories, and embraced the family feel of the evening. People who volunteer as Cat TLC workers, dog walkers, transport drivers, greeters, thrift shop workers, event assistants, Kitten Street Team members, and more mixed and mingled.

Dakin volunteers play an invaluable part in our success story. There are so many programs and services that we have created to help pets and the people who love them, and each program involves teamwork and dedication to remain successful. We are grateful to have such a remarkable, devoted family of volunteers who pull together to ensure positive outcomes every day, and it was our pleasure to honor them at their special event.

Visit our photo gallery to see all the festivities!

If you’d like to know more about becoming a volunteer at Dakin, visit our website for details.

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