Celebrate Dakin Day by Saving Lives

This summer has proven to be a busy one at Dakin. Each week we’re caring for hundreds of animals – from kittens and cats to dogs and guinea pigs. Every day, we’re faced with requests from our community and partners across the country to help even more animals.

We want to say “yes” to everyone, but we need your help. These past few weeks have been especially challenging with a large number of kittens finding their way into our care and our supplies and time are currently stretched very thin.

In just the last week:

  • 328 animals were being cared for in the shelter and in foster care
  • 81 new animals arrived at Dakin seeking care and shelter (54% of them were kittens)
  • 43 animals were adopted into homes
  • 22 animals in our Western Massachusetts community turned to Dakin for help

Dakin Day is August 1 and there's no better day to make a difference in the lives of animals – especially all the kittens we’re seeing this summer. This year, we have a Dakin Day goal of signing up 20 new monthly Guardian donors. Will you be one of them? Your monthly gift allows us to say “yes” to the many requests we receive, be flexible when we face seasonal changes in the animal population, provide care to those who need it, and help keep people and pets together.

The number of animals needing help –especially cats and kittens–  continues to climb. But with you, each and every one will get the care and support they deserve. Please become a Dakin Guardian today.

Your support creates a safe place for the growing number of animals who have no place to turn this summer. Thank you for your generosity in being there for each and every animal in need. We can’t do this lifesaving work without you.

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