Cats That Earn Their Kibble

by Lee Chambers


Uninterested in cozy indoor life, barn cats thrive in the outdoors, and have a job to do; taking out the rodent population in the barns, stables, garages, warehouses or outbuildings in which they live. Dakin’s barn cats program places cats surrendered to Dakin who are a bit feisty, shy or fearful of people, or a combination of these traits.  Adopters need to provide these kitties with food and water daily (cats cannot live on mice alone!), long-term veterinarian care, and (if adopting during the cold weather months), a winter shelter structure for them to sleep in, which Dakin will provide free with each barn cat adoption.  Spread the word to people you know who can use some feline assistance to keep their structures rodent-free, and help save the life of a cat who has nowhere else to go!  Check out our barn cats here:!/

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